Month: March 2013

Facing up to the Challenge

1 out of every 50 children is now thought to have autism: How can Rethink help educators, families and healthcare providers face up to the challenge? Even if you do not follow autism closely in the news, you would have

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Share Your Piece of the Puzzle With Rethink

April is Autism Awareness month and Rethink would like to hear from you! We will be celebrating all of the wonderful people—children, parents, therapists, teachers, students, family members, and friends—that support and make up our community by asking you to

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Rethink, Travel-Size

Rethink videos now available on mobile devices Here at Rethink we know that technology should simplify your life, not complicate it. That’s why we are always brainstorming new ways of making our product more user friendly. With that in mind,

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Rethinking the Sequester

How investing in Rethink can help schools save – and save schools – under the looming threat of sequestration Throughout the last year, the term sequestration has emerged as a household word. No longer reserved solely for the vocabularies of

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Tip of the Week: Help Your Child Make Friends

Help your child make more friends by teaching her/him these important social skills! This week’s tip is based on these advanced lessons from our Social / Emotional lesson category: Demonstrating Empathy, Helping Others, Predicting how Others Will Feel

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Tip of the Week: Help Your Child Learn Through Observation

Teaching your child to imitate may help enable her to learn new skills through observation!

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