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New Home Page

New home page, new curriculum, new domain name

For those of you who visit our website regularly, you have surely noticed by now that Rethink has undergone something of a makeover.  In addition to our new domain name, www.rethinkfirst.com, our website now boasts a sleeker, more user-friendly design, and for district-level subscribers to our platform, an entirely new library of curriculum for inclusion.  We’d like to run through some of the most significant changes you will find on our new site.

Website Redesign

To package and present all of the exciting changes we are launching this week, our site has undergone a major design-overhaul.  The main thing you will notice about our new homepage are tabs to specific pages highlighting how our platform addresses some of our school district’s and teacher’s most pressing concerns, including curriculum development, staff training, IEPs, data tracking, and behavior.  In highlighting these features for both existing and potential customers, the new homepage reflects our product’s expansion from autism specific curriculum to our new curriculum addressing the needs of the entire special education population.

Note that while our homepage looks different, log in procedures are essentially the same.

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 10.44.53 AM

Inclusion Curriculum

After much anticipation, we are very excited to be launching our new inclusion curriculum this week.  As a district-level Rethink user, you will immediately notice a few major changes when logging into our platform:

  • inclusion assessment: When you click on a child’s profile a pop-up window will appear prompting you to complete an Inclusion Assessment for this student.  Once this assessment is complete, you will be directed to the lesson library.


  • lesson library inclusion tab: The lesson library essentially looks the same, except now you will find a new inclusion tab in the library navigation bar.  When you select this tab, a subnavigation bar will appear, including tabs to our four different categories of inclusion content: study skills, social communication, peer interaction, and group participation.

inclusion tab

  • tiered intervention model: within each of these categories you will find a list of lessons, and beneath them lesson strategies, each of which can be added individually into a student’s current plan, organized into three different levels.
    • Level three teaching strategies are designed for students requiring more intensive support who may be preparing to enter the inclusion classroom or are increasing the proportion of time they spend in inclusive settings.
    • Level two strategies can be implemented by both teachers and paraprofessionals working with students in inclusive settings. These strategies are designed to support students requiring minimal individualized instruction but who may still be accompanied by a support team of paraprofessionals in their inclusion classroom.
    • Level one strategies are designed to be carried out in inclusive settings by the mainstream classroom teacher.  These strategies not only target the needs of special education students, but are also beneficial to the entire classroom population of mixed-level students.


  • current plan inclusion tab:  once lesson strategies have been added to the student’s current plan, you will find an additional drop-down tab for inclusion lessons on the Current Plan page beneath the familiar abilities tab.  From here you will see the title of the lesson and the strategy level (1,2, or 3).  To see the lesson goals, objectives, and videos you will select the “Got to Lessons” tab just as you do in the abilities curriculum.

current plan

  • levels instead of steps:  once on the lesson specific page, you will find a tab to “Watch Video.”  Inclusion videos are structured slightly differently than abilities videos in that they are broken up by level and strategy rather than by step.  Also note that although, you may have only added one strategy from one of the levels to a child’s plan, when clicking on “Watch Video” you will have the option to watch the entire lesson video including all steps and strategies, or simply the level you are working on.

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 4.43.53 PM

Domain Name

Finally, within the next few days you may notice that when visiting our site you are now being directed to our new domain name, www.rethinkfirst.com.  Formerly www.rethinkautism.com, Rethink’s change in domain name is, like the new design of our site, intended to reflect our expanding focus, highlighted by the launch of our new inclusion content, from solely students on the autism spectrum to the needs of all special education students working in or preparing to enter general education classrooms.

Please remember to bookmark our new domain and enjoy!

As always, feel free to contact our tech team at any time should you encounter questions or concerns regarding changes we have made to our site by emailing technicalsupport@rethinkfirst.com.

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