‘Expert Access’ Webinar with Dr. Patricia Wright on Inclusive Practices in Public Schools

Following the release of its new inclusion curriculum last month, Rethink – an educational technology company headquartered in New York City – today announced an upcoming Expert Access webinar with Dr. Patricia Wright from Easter Seals , who is an educator and longstanding member of Rethink’s distinguished Scientific Advisory Board.

RETHINK DR PATRICIA WRIGHTThis exclusive webinar, entitled Inclusion: Promoting Success for Students with Disabilities, will take place on June 19th at 2pm Eastern Time, and will be geared toward helping school district leaders meet the expectations of least restrictive environment (LRE) by providing strategies for educating special education students in general education classrooms.

“Educators and families need training to ensure successful implementation of inclusive practices,” said Dr. Wright, who began her career as a special educator and has provided consultative services to schools and non-profit service agencies throughout the United States. “Rethink is one tool that professionals and family members can utilize with confidence to deliver effective inclusive education for all learners,” she said.

Dr. Wright will begin the webinar by discussing the value of inclusive education, reviewing policy changes in special education, and examining convincing research that supports the benefits of educating special needs students in inclusive environments.

“An inclusive educational environment benefits students with and without disabilities through a shared educational experience,” contends Wright. “[It] requires quality, ongoing training and implementation supports for educators and families.”

The main focus of the webinar will be on providing strategies for the successful inclusion of special education students in general education classrooms, beginning at the district and administrative level all the way to the micro level of classroom management. Dr. Wright will examine how strong administrative vision and leadership committed to inclusion can lead to practical success in the classroom, even within the constraints of budgets and time. The webinar will give particular attention to how various technologies – including Rethink’s award-winning online curriculum, training and data platform – can be utilized to provide affordable and effective professional development, and offer training in precisely the kinds of classroom strategies that will lead to the success of students with disabilities in the general education classroom.

This inclusion-focused webinar is reflective of Rethink’s movement from Autism-specific education into the larger field of special education, and works to support the company’s overarching mission of helping districts pave the path to LRE for all special education students.

“We were very fortunate to have Dr. Wright’s input on the development of our new content focused on inclusive practices,” said Jamie Pagliaro , Rethink’s Chief Learning Officer. “[We] look forward to having her share her expertise at the upcoming webinar.”

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