Making Your Data Collection Dreams Come True

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After listening to feedback from our users about what a data collection tool made in heaven might be able to do, we here at Rethink have revamped Data Express to make your wildest data collection dreams come true!

Here are some of things you can expect from the new Data Express:

 1. The ability to record data for multiple targets simultaneously

When teaching a child new skills, teachers understand that for whatever reason children often pick up one thing before they do another.  This is why the new Data Express gives you the ability to work on multiple targets simultaneously, rather than having to wait to master one to begin working on another.  Just because a child may not be able to identify the color red yet, doesn’t mean they can’t identify the color green.  Now in Data Express, you can teach your student red and green at the same time, allowing a child to master skills at their own pace.

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2. The ability to record data against IEP objectives

Progress on IEP objectives and goals is central to the success of every special education student.  Now Rethink not only helps you align its curriculum with your student’s IEP using the IEP builder, but with the new Data Express you can now record data against IEP objectives to show progress on IEP goals.  Data Express will also automatically generate sophisticated and easy-to-read graphs that make progress obvious and evident to administrators, parents, and teachers alike.Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 7.18.53 AMScreen shot 2013-08-13 at 7.19.54 AM

3. The ability to view, edit, and delete data for unmastered targets

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 7.26.43 AMData entry errors are common. We get that. Especially when recording large quantities of data at once.  That’s why the new Data Express gives you the ability to easily clear previously recorded data for targets that have not yet been mastered without navigating away from the page.  When recording data, just select the “view history” link and you will see a list of all of the data you have recorded for that target with the option to clear results.

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4. The ability to add large quantities of data for multiple targets, lessons, and days at once

In the old Data Express you had to navigate to a specific calendar date to record data taken on that day.  In the new Data Express, the data collection panel gives you the option to change the date for which you’d like to record data, making it unnecessary to navigate back and forth between different calendar days.  Now days, weeks, or even months worth of data can be added quickly and efficiently.  We understand that your students may need many opportunities to practice in order to learn.  Now entering that data is easy and fast.

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5. The ability to plan in advance or add targets on the fly

With the ability to add and edit unlimited targets and objectives, our new lesson specific page encourages you to plan out in detail how you will go about teaching a lesson, with all of this information automatically populating into Data Express.

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But for users who’d rather do everything from Data Express, objectives can be edited and targets can be added and described all from the Data Express interface.

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6. The ability to more easily record data from your mobile device or tablet

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In the old Data Express, recording data for trial sets required the kind of dexterity and precision only the archaic use of a mouse could provide.  The new Data Express has replaced these awkward radio buttons with large, finger friendly buttons perfect for recording live data on the fly on your mobile device or tablet.



These are just a few of the many ways the new Data Express is making data collection easier for you.  Isn’t it dreamy?

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