New Year, New Resources!

It’s that time of year again–a month into the new year and people are either still making, already breaking, or keeping their 2014 New Year’s resolutions. Here at Rethink, we are making some of our own resolutions, and in the process, doing our best to help you keep yours!

Resolutions and Resources

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Our 2014 resolution is to continue to provide you with a wealth of resources to improve your child’s learning experience, whether at home or at school.  Having launched our resources page in 2013 to the acclaim of parents and teachers alike, we have now taken the new year as an opportunity to redesign it to consolidate the many things our site has to offer and to add even more content for you:

Printable Teaching Materials

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Over the last few months we have added hundreds of new printable materials to our site. Continue to look for new printable materials as we add them regularly throughout the upcoming year!

Educator and Parent Webinars and Videos

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Every year Rethink offers live webinars with credentialed experts in the field of special education to support teachers and parents working with children with disabilities.  All of these webinars are archived on our site and are now available from one central location on our newly designed resources page. You can also come to this page to find video tutorials, tips of the week, and other video content we have generated over the years.

Peer Support Forums – Parent and Teacher

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Earlier this year we also launched Peer Support, a place on our website where parents and teachers can go to get advice from other parents, teachers, or professionals in the field on issues, problems, and topics they are facing with their children or students.  Visit Peer Support today to navigate forum topics or start a forum of your own!

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Explore our resources today!

To find out more about how Rethink can help your district, school, or child, please contact us at or by phone at 1-877-988-8871.

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