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Rethink isn’t just for teachers anymore. Your student can start playing Rethink’s new customized activities today!

For those of you who have been with us for a while, you will remember that Rethink began as a program specifically geared toward educators, clinicians, and parents working with students with autism. Last year we ventured into the wider field of special education with the launch of our inclusion curriculum and have since made regular enhancements to our system to further pursue this vision of providing the curriculum and the tools required to support all students with special needs using our simple, one-stop solution.

We are now pleased to announce yet another coming of age for our program. This week’s launch of the Student Activity Center marks our transition from being an entirely teacher/educator facing platform to one that now includes an integrated interface for students to log into and complete fun and educational activities linked to the skills-based lessons in our curriculum. With the soft-launch of our activity library (we will be adding additional activities weekly), each activity fully-integrated with our ABA-based curriculum available in our curriculum library as well as our data and reporting features, teachers, clinicians and parents can now use the Activity Center to help reinforce the skills they are already teaching in the home or in the classroom and further support students in generalizing skills between home and school. Each activity is aligned with a lesson in our curriculum, and, when adding a lesson to a student’s  Learning Plan, the corresponding activity will also be available to the student in the Activity Center for them to complete as homework, practice, reinforcement, or just for fun!

To help you and your child or student get started using the Activity Center in your classroom, clinic, or home today, we have provided the step-by-step explanation for fully utilizing the Activity Center!

Adding Activities

When you log into our platform today, assuming you already have your student or child set up, you will notice that the link to the long awaited Child Activity Center is now active!  But before clicking on this link and logging into the Activity Center (as this child/student), we recommend customizing what your student/child will see when visiting the Activity Center for the first time.

First, we recommend that you begin by choosing activities and adding them to your student’s Learning Plan.  This can be done in several different ways:

  • Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.33.20 PMBy adding an Abilities Lesson from the Lesson Library: all lessons that have activities linked to them will be marked with a small red “A” icon.  If lessons with this icon are already in your student’s plan, that means that the associated activities will be available to the student when logging into the Activity Center.



  • By adding activities from the new Activities tab of the Lesson Library:Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.32.12 PM




All activities will be browsable (and addable) from the Activity Library by curriculum category. We currently have activities in 5 of our curriculum categories, Pre-Academic, Academic, Social/Emotional, Expressive Language and Receptive Language, and will continue to add more activities to each.  All activities associated with lessons already in the current plan will be checked off (as these activities were added when adding the lesson), however, activities can also be added independently of lessons from the Activities Library.  Note: adding an activity will not add the associated lesson to the plan in the way that adding a lesson automatically adds the activity.  

  • By searching from the Activity Library

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When in the Activity Library you can also select the button “search library.”  This will pull all of the activities matching your search which you can then go ahead and add to your plan directly from the search window.

Finally, when selecting an activity title you will see a preview of the activity on the right-hand side of the screen that displays all of the targets available to help customize the activity for your student!

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Customizing and Assigning Activities

One of the things that makes our activities unique from other web-based content for special education students is the way in which each activity is integrated with our curriculum and data reporting features.  Once you have chosen lessons and activities for your students the next step will be to customize your activities to align with the lessons you are teaching and then to assign certain activities from your student’s plan.

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  • Customizing Activities:  Just as in the lesson library, all abilities lessons with associated activities will be indicated with a red “A” icon next to them in the student’s Learning Plan.  To customize the associated activities to include specific targets, you will simply want to click on “go to lesson” and begin customizing your goals and objectives by selecting targets for each objective from our target drop down.    This will also customize the activity, making all targets (mastered and unmastered) up through the current objective available to the student in the activity center. Note: targets with an asterisk (*) next to them will not be included in the customized activity.Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.21.28 PM
  • Assigning Activities: When selecting the Activities tab of the Learning Plan, you will see each activity in the plan listed with the ability to “assign” activities to your student. Assigning activities will emphasize the specific activities you’d like your child to begin working on when logging into the activity center.  All activities added to the plan will be available to the student, but they will be directed to the assigned activities page when logging in to encourage them to work on these activities before moving onto everything else in their plan.Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.18.26 PM
  • Demoing Activities:  If you’d like to play a demo of the activity for yourself or project it on your SmartBoard for your students, you can do all of the above from the Activities tab of the Learning Plan by selecting “Demo Activity.”  This will open up a demo of the activity in your browser, allowing you to complete a session for that activity without capturing any data.  You can exit the activity any time by selecting the “back” button at the bottom of the activityScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.20.09 PM

 Logging In

You can log into the student activity center in one of two ways:

  • From your account:  selecting the “Child Activity Center” link next to a student’s name from your account page will log you out of your account and into this student’s Activity Center.  Once logged in, you can have your student sit down in front of your computer or tablet to begin activities.Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 4.25.36 PM
  • From the log-in page: You can also give your students their login credentials and they can log into the activity center from the log-in page, the same place you log into your account.  To retrieve your student’s login credentials (automatically generated for existing students on the platform), you can select the button underneath your name on the login screen that reads “retrieve student activity credentials.”  After typing in your password you will see the credentials for all of the students you are linked to.Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 4.49.43 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.28.10 PM


Once logged in, your student is now ready to begin learning and having fun with Rethink! They can choose an avatar, play assigned activities, browse activities in other categories, and keep track of stars and trophies!

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