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It’s a new school year and we are keeping busy making updates to our existing platform as well as launching some exciting new tools and features that we think you’ll be as excited about as we are!  This is some of the new stuff you can expect to see as you get reacquainted with the program this school year:

Behavior Support

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The first thing you have probably noticed is our new Behavior Support section, launched last month and detailed here.  We have spruced up our old Behavior Tracking tool to include 1. a learn section that will walk you though the 6 best-practice steps for developing effective behavior support plans, complete with informational training videos, research-based topical articles, as well as examples, case studies, and tips; 2. a plan builder, fully integrated with our Lesson Library and Data Express, that will guide you through the various steps of building an individualized behavior support plan for your student; 3. a view section where you can view, print, and consult your student’s behavior support plans for easy access and collaboration with members of your student’s learning team; and 4. a materials tab with printable materials to assist you and save you time in implementing your behavior support plans.

Custom Data Sheets

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You can now create your own custom data sheets in Data Express.  With the ability to select which lessons and behaviors  you’d like to include on the data sheet and how many data collection panels you’d like for each, you can create custom data sheets for different members of your student’s learning team.  Teachers can use this feature to more easily specify to their paraprofessional and support staff which lessons to teach and test throughout the week, while related service providers, including SLPs and OTs, can use this feature to create data sheets for only the lessons in the student’s plan they are working on.

Baseline Data

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We know, you guys have been asking for this one for a long time.  Well, it has finally arrived–proof that your feedback matters!  Data Express now gives you the ability to record baseline data for lessons and behaviors before you start teaching.  Recording baseline data provides you with an objective means of comparison when evaluating a student’s progress and determining the effectiveness of a teaching or behavior plan.

Phase Change Lines

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This has been another long-standing request that we have implemented as per popular demand.  You are welcome, data nerds. When you go into Data Express you can now add phase change lines to indicate major changes in a student’s life, schedule etc., like a new BIP for instance, or a change in medication, or add lesson-specific phase change lines to indicate things like changes in prompting levels.

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How-to Manuals

As we add more functionality and features to the program, we understand that you may want to brush-up on how things work.  That is why we have added a section in Resources called “Tools & Guidelines” with printable documents pertaining to Behavior Support, Data Express, the Child Activity Center and more!

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In addition to all of the new updates, we have some exciting things in the works.  This fall you can expect to see:

  • Dynamic Graphs in the history panel of Data Express that will automatically update as you analyze and make changes to your data.
  • A more sophisticated look in the Activity Center that will cater toward older students.
  • Animated avatars in the Activity Center to make learning even more fun for students.

and last but not least …

  • The much-anticipated Functional Life Skills Curriculum:   This new curriculum will enable you to provide essential skills for learning how to function in settings beyond the classroom.  Domains will include community skills (e.g., transportation, shopping), leisure skills (e.g., playing sports activities, listening to music), home based skills (e.g., domestic and self-care), social skills (e.g., responds to greetings, accepts feedback and correction, stranger awareness), and employment skills (e.g., a variety of vocational skills and pre-requisite needs will be in this domain).  All domains will have safety awareness lessons built in as well.  The library will provide lessons, task analyses, and materials for teaching these much needed skills.


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