Month: October 2014

Increasing your Child’s Patricipation in Family Events and Activities

A free webinar to help you engage your child with special needs in family life Daily home routines, family outings, and special events, like birthdays, are all important aspects of family life.  For children with special needs, participating in these activities can

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Collecting Data in the Natural Environment with Ease and Efficiency

A free webinar to help you easily integrate data collection into daily routines Effective educational programming requires data collection to evaluate a student’s progress, learning, and behavior. Teachers report that data collection is overwhelming and takes too much time given their current

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Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Mark Thomas

School District:  San Francisco Unified School District Classroom:  Moderate/Severe Special Day Class, Autism Focus Position:  Grades 3-5 Special Education Teacher Using Rethink since April 2014  With the help of his staff of four paraprofessionals, Mark has designed his classroom environment

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Evidence Based Practice – What is That All About?

Improving Student Outcomes with Evidence Based Practice By Dr. Patricia Wright In today’s world of education, the term evidence-based practice (EBP) gets thrown around on a pretty regular basis.  What exactly is EBP and why is it important? The Council

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