Evidence Based Practice – What is That All About?

Improving Student Outcomes with Evidence Based Practice

By Dr. Patricia Wright

Drawing business formulas: chartIn today’s world of education, the term evidence-based practice (EBP) gets thrown around on a pretty regular basis.  What exactly is EBP and why is it important? The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) has their Standards for EBP and provides a fairly accessible definition:

As a noun an evidence-based practice is an intervention that is based in science. As a verb evidence-based practice is the disposition of a practitioner to base the selection of their interventions in science.

Rethink’s platform is built based in science (EBP as a noun) and strives toward supporting educators to base their intervention selections in science (EBP as a verb).

As educators we have an ethical responsibility to provide an effective education for the students we serve. Educators are given a lot of latitude in selecting and delivering educational interventions. All educators want to provide an education that results in skill development and learning for their students. Implementing teaching practices that meet the criteria of EBP increases the likelihood of positive learner outcomes.

The Rethink content is built upon the evidence base of Applied Behavior Analysis, a practice that has a long history of research and evidence of support for students with disabilities. But to be considered an evidence based practice the theory must be paired with delivery. Delivering EBP is where the rubber meets the road for educators. Leaning on the good work of professional organizations such as the CEC can help guide teachers in selecting the interventions for their classrooms and quality professional development can support the delivery of these interventions.

The measure of good teaching is positive outcomes for students. Selecting and delivering an EBP is more likely to produce that positive outcome.  That’s what Evidence Practices is All About – Student Outcomes.

Patricia Wright Head ShotAbout Dr. Patricia Wright
Dr. Patricia Wright is Rethink’s VP of Professional Services and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Prior to joining Rethink, she was the National Director for Autism Services at Easter Seals, one of the largest social service providers for individuals with autism. Dr. Wright has a passion for education and has dedicated her career to ensuring that individuals with disabilities are fully included in society.

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