Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Brandice Schofe

20141111_124419School District: Richmond County Public Schools, VA
Classroom: Self-Contained ASD K-3
Position:  Special Education Teacher

student drawer

Each of Brandice’s students has their own “Rethink” drawer

Brandice began using Rethink this school year. After attending a training in August, she began implementing the program with her classroom para one week later. Her strategy was to pick a few areas her students struggle with and add just a few lessons for each child. Brandice and her para set aside time to work 1:1 with each student every day, and use this time to work on Rethink lessons and take data. She has even built time to work on these lessons into the students’ schedules! The students know when it’s time to work on Rethink, and bring their Rethink drawers to the teacher or para. When they master a target, the students color in a block on their own data sheet. This strategy has helped Rethink fit seamlessly into the classroom schedule, and is also teaching these students the valuable skill of self-monitoring!

data sheet[1]

Upon mastering a target, Brandice’s students fill out their own data sheets


“Recently, when he earned his stars, he looked at me and said, ‘you really do care about me.’ It doesn’t get better than that.”



icon-teacherspotlightRethink’s Behavior Support feature was especially helpful in developing a plan for one of Brandice’s students. Both Brandice and her para were able to watch the training videos to learn how to proactively address the behavior. The student is now making great progress! Brandice told us that “recently, when he earned his stars, he looked at me and said ‘you really do care about me.’ It doesn’t get better than that.”

Amazing work, Brandice!

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