Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Shawn Briggs

5c6c5ff1-1149-43fd-b147-83e5bf7ca0ceSchool District: Norfolk Public Schools, Norfolk, VA
Classroom: Maury High School, Autism Inclusion Program
Position: Special Education Teacher

When Shawn Briggs started using Rethink in her classroom 2 years ago, many of her students required individualized lessons in the areas of group participation, peer interactions, and communication skills. She has found Rethink to be a great resource in helping her students become more independent in the general education classroom. Not only has Rethink given Shawn tons of great resources, but it has also led to improved student outcomes.

Shawn has used Rethink to move her students into LRE. Rethink’s Inclusion Curriculum has helped many of her student’s transition from participating for small periods of time in regular education classrooms with significant amounts of support to independent participation for large portions of their days in regular education classrooms. In addition, the specific lessons in Rethink have helped her students become more independent, and taught them how to self-advocate, converse with peers and teachers without assistance, and participate more fully.


“From assessment of skills to creating customized goals and lessons that can be applied to high school students, Rethink has so many benefits!”

1041Shawn has witnessed Rethink’s benefit to students first-hand. One of her students last year had limited social-communication skills, was not able to approach other peers or adults with his conversation skills, and needed to increase his self-confidence in social situations.  Shawn used the Joining an Ongoing Conversation, Raising Hand to Answer Questions, and Having a Conversation lessons from Rethink’s Abilities and Inclusion Curriculum with this student.  With the use of the lessons and videos, repetition, and practice, he is now successful with joining an ongoing conversation and his communication skills have increased significantly.  Currently, this student is now pairing with other peers that need help with academics and social-communication skills, and modeling how to self-advocate.

Keep up the great work, Shawn!

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