Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Jesse Rubio

Sbbcfe37b-37ed-4415-897b-08bc80ed1fe0chool District:Fresno Unified School District, CA
Position:  Paraprofessional and Rethink Trainer

Jesse Rubio began using Rethink in August of 2014. His role as a paraprofessional covers a broad area of responsibilities, but for him, the purpose of his job each day is to ensure every student at Fresno USD with learns and grows, and has the best educational experience possible. He and other members of the autism support team are certified as Rethink trainers and now use the program on a daily basis throughout their school district supporting a variety of students across all grade levels to ensure their vision becomes a reality.

For Jesse and his team, the steps to get there were clear; set a common goal and expectations, and use Rethink to collaborate across all channels. Jesse makes daily classroom visits, trains teachers to better use Rethink, supports teachers in data collection, and provides overall suggestions and ideas to everyone he works with; truly a jack of all trades!

“The quality of instruction for our students has risen and teachers are growing because of Rethink. We are stronger than ever!”

The results are clear. “I have seen the extremely positive results with what Rethink has done for the classroom. It has brought a focus to academics for our students and the flexibility to make quick adjustments,” said Jesse. Fresno uses Rethink’s developmentally sequenced lesson library to take the guesswork out of what may or may not work, which benefits both teachers and students. Jesse can not get enough data and feels it really gives teachers in Fresno the edge they need to help students succeed. It allows for more one-on-one time with students and ensures that data informs instruction. “The quality of instruction for our students has risen,our students and teachers are growing because of Rethink. We are stronger than ever,” he told us. Great job, Jesse!
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