Month: August 2015

3 Tips for Building an Effective Classroom Team with Your Paraprofessional Staff

How to engage your paras in building an effective classroom team Building a collaborative classroom team with your paraprofessional staff is some of the most challenging and valuable work you can engage in as a special education teacher.  Unlike other educators,

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Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Scarlet Belonie

School District: Clinton School District, Arkansas Position: Self-Contained Classroom Teacher 6 years ago Scarlet Belonie went to her administrator in tears. She was growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of tools and resources she needed to really make an impact

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4 Tips for Building a Successful Relationship With Your Child’s Teacher

A successful relationship with your child’s teacher can have a positive impact on learning By Maria Wilcox Raise your hand if the start of the school year makes you want to head for the hills and not turn back until November when

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10 Tips for Setting Up Your Classroom Environment for Success

How to set up your classroom environment to positively impact student learning. If you are a classroom teacher you are probably already drawing up blueprints for how you’ll be setting up your classroom this fall. The classroom environment is an important

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The “BeAttitudes” of Supporting Classroom Teams

A Best-Practice Guide for Local Trainers, Support Teams and Administrators on Supporting Classroom Teams Whether you are an administrator, instructional coach, teacher on special assignment, or supporting classroom teams in some other capacity, your direct support can have a tremendous

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How Students with Autism Can Benefit from Social Emotional Learning

While Autism presents social challenges, making Social Emotional Learning a priority can help by Patricia Wright For the first couple of decades of my career I often heard “people with autism don’t want to be social. It is part of

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