Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Alexis Gebb

Rethink Spotlight Teacher: Alexis GebbSchool District: San Francisco Unified School District
Position: Special Education Teacher

Alexis was first introduced to Rethink as a paraprofessional a year-and-a-half ago. As a teacher in training, she was able to experience the benefits that Rethink offered for taking data in the classroom and was excited to make Rethink a key component of her own classroom the following year.

Alexis is now beginning her second year as a classroom teacher and has been empowered by her success last year in using Rethink to establish classroom routines and systems that lead to real progress for her students.

Getting Started

One of the first things Alexis did as a new teacher was complete the training modules in Rethink’s Training Center, along with each one of her paraprofessionals. After completing the modules, Alexis noticed an immediate difference in how the paraprofessionals communicated with the students.

“Right away I noticed that my paras started talking to the students differently,” said Alexis. “I started hearing them use ‘first, then’ language and breaking down tasks into simple and concise steps for the students.”

To get her staff used to tracking progress and importing the data, Alexis focused on using Rethink to provide behavior support and track data on behaviors. Her paras quickly picked up on taking ABC (Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence) data and she soon found that data collection had become a consistent component of classroom routines.

“Rethink is so easy to use and organizes the students’ information and goals so clearly. It makes collecting data easy.”

Rethink Materials

Rethink Materials Used in Alexis’ Classroom

Thanks to this consistent data collection, Alexis was able to present data around a student’s behavior to a parent who did not understand how often the behavior was occurring throughout the school day.

With this clear and objective information, the parent began to understand more of the needs of her child. This parent also began tracking data on her child’s behavior and now the parent and the classroom team are able to share information about the frequency of the behavior across the school and home environments.

Expanding Data Collection

This year Alexis plans to introduce Rethink data tracking for academic goals related to Language Arts and Math to her paraprofessionals. They will be taking data twice a week using the paper-pencil data sheets and Alexis will transfer the data to Rethink.

“I came across a lot of data tracking systems in my graduate program, but Rethink is so easy to use and organizes the students’ information and goals so clearly. It makes collecting data easy,” she said.

1041Alexis recently completed her training to become a Rethink Trainer for SFUSD, meaning she will now be able to train other district staff in how to use and implement the program and supporting teachers through training and coaching each month. “I thought becoming a Rethink Trainer would give me more opportunities to collaborate with other teachers and also help me become more confident in my own practices,” Alexis explained. Through becoming a Rethink Trainer, Alexis will be able to support other teachers while also building her own leadership skills as she shares her knowledge and passion for teaching individuals with autism.

We appreciate and applaud Alexis’ passion and all the work that she does for her students! Thank you for being this month’s Rethink Spotlight Teacher.

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