Month: October 2015

5 Tips for Teaching Social Skills to Reduce Challenging Behavior

How teaching social skills can promote positive behavior and increase student learning Challenging behavior is one of the chief concerns of educators. Educators continue to report that they feel underprepared to meet the needs of students with challenging behavior in

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Highlights from the Small School Support Program’s Virtual Conference

Rethink’s First Virtual Conference Provides Rural Educators a Place to Share Best Practices Last week, Rethink’s Small School Support Program hosted our first ever virtual conference. The conference explored common challenges associated with introducing technology in small and rural areas, as

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Special Education Spending Requirement May Have Unintended Consequences

New report finds that MOE spending requirement may limit efficiency and effectiveness in special education A new report released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) finds that the maintenance of effort (MOE) spending requirement under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

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What I Learned About Technology and Rural Education at NREA

How Technology is Transforming Special Education in Small and Rural Schools By Jennifer Bessette It’s a brave new world in the classroom. Advances in technology have opened doors many of us only dreamed were possible when we were in school. These

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4 Ways to Promote Anti-Bullying Behavior in Your Classroom

How Teachers Play a Key Role in Promoting Anti-Bullying by Anna Marie Reiners October is National Bullying Prevention Month. According to the most recent available data, between 66% and 75% students in the U.S say they have been bullied at

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Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Shanna Bodenhamer

School District: Katy ISD Position: Autism Teacher Shanna Bodenhamer teaches in an Autism classroom at Katy Independent School District in Texas.  She has been using Rethink for the past year and has found it invaluable in her classroom.  She uses

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4 Training and Professional Development Resources for Paraprofessionals

A look at who is at the forefront of providing paraprofessionals with access to training and professional development Education Week reporter Christina Samuels recently published a story about efforts across the country to provide paraprofessionals with much needed training and

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Rethinking the Silo Mentality in Special Education

How a More Holistic Approach to Education Can Create Opportunities for Blending and Braiding Funds As a condition for receiving access to federal funds, districts have recently been required to submit increasing amounts of data and evidence on how the

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