Announcing the Launch of Rethink’s New Interface

Rethink’s new interface has launched! The new design promises to save you time, making teaching easier and more efficient than ever.

We are excited to announce that on December 21st Rethink is launching a newly designed interface chalk full of the changes, enhancements, and improvements you’ve been asking for. The new interface goes a step further in making Rethink the one-stop resource you need for designing, delivering and monitoring evidence-based practices in your classroom.

Rethink’s updated interface is designed to make accessing our wealth of resources and tools easier than ever so that you can be efficient and effective when it comes to utilizing what Rethink has to offer in teaching your students.

Here are just a few of the new things you can expect:

A newer, sleeker look.

The new design not only looks fresh and contemporary, but will make navigating the program to quickly find exactly what you are looking for–whether it be lesson videos, printable materials, or progress reports–even more intuitive.Rethink curriculum

Flexibility with data collection.

The new data express will feature more options for collecting data to accommodate the various ways Rethink users are collecting data in their classrooms. New features will allow you more flexibility by providing options for things like collecting data by prompt level, taking task analysis data, or customizing interval levels when collecting behavior data. No matter how you are collecting data in the classroom, the new Data Express is flexible to suit your needs.

Rethink's new user interface saves time

New Data Express App.

To accompany the enhancements to Data Express, we will also be launching a Data Express app for Android and IOS.  The new app will make it possible to collect live skill acquisition AND behavior data on and offline on your phone or tablet and will automatically sync with the Rethink system for easy analysis of student progress.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 5.11.17 PM

Customizable lesson plans.

Rethink’s comprehensive lesson plans that accompany each lesson video will now be editable, allowing you to customize each existing lesson to reflect exactly how you are teaching each individual student in the classroom.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.55.35 PM

Easy access to lessons and resources.

Designed to save you time, when the new interface launches you will now be able to access lesson videos, printable materials, and lesson plans at the click of a button.  Once logged into the program, the “View Content” tab will take you directly to a page where you can access everything Rethink has to offer, from lesson videos and printable materials, to the lesson plans, activities, and IEP goals and objectives associated with each lesson.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.06.13 PM

As we continue to enhance our platform, adding more customization, resources, and tools than ever, we are dedicated to making Rethink a simple and accessible tool where you easily find everything you need to effectively teach students in your classroom!

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