Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Lisa Robinson

Lisa RobinsonPosition: VE Teacher
District: Taylor County

Lisa Robinson began using Rethink at the beginning of this school year. Already she has found the program invaluable to her teaching practice. After attending a Rethink training, she began exploring the program, watching lesson videos, entering data, and using Rethink to help her develop better IEP goals and objectives. Now that she has become more fluent on the platform, she is looking forward to having her classroom aides trained on Rethink so that they can use Rethink to work together on implementing learning plans for each student in the classroom as a cohesive team.

“Rethink has given me new ways to teach and new ways to reach my students.”

icon-teacherspotlightDespite Lisa’s training in ABA, she has found Rethink’s lesson videos to be the most valuable resource on the platform. “Watching the Rethink videos has taught me a lot about the specific instructional methodology of ABA. I am a better teacher in the short time I have begun using Rethink. Seeing the videos is the key – I can hear and see what I am supposed to do. And, if I need review, I just go back to the video for help,” Lisa explained.

Most exciting for Lisa, however, is seeing real progress with her students. Since beginning with Rethink at the beginning of the year, she has seen tremendous growth with two of her students in particular. Both students were having trouble donning shirts. Since she began using techniques she learned from Rethink–forward chaining for one and backward chaining for the other–she has seen more progress in one week than in the prior two years she has been working with the students. “Rethink has given me new ways to teach and new ways to reach my students,” said Lisa, “I love it!.”

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