New Beta Site is Live

The Rethink beta site is a place for you to test out, familiarize, and delight yourself with the elegance and ease of our new interface, launching officially on December 21st.

The new interface, which you can preview via the beta site, is a digital environment for you to engage in the important work of being a special educator, from best-practice training and program planning to collecting and analyzing data, but with more efficiency and ease than ever before.

New Look and Feel

The new look and feel provides a simpler, more elegant, and more intuitive means of accessing and utilizing all of the Rethink tools and resources you love–from data collection and reporting tools to lesson videos and printable materials–but in a way that works for you in your classroom.

Yet the new interface is more than just a fresh look and feel.  Based upon feedback we gathered from you, our faithful users, the interface includes enhanced features, like the ability to edit lesson plans and more sophisticated data collection options, as well as entirely new components, like a student dashboard and more direct access to resources that make managing your entire classroom simpler and easier.

We hope you’ll take some time to test out the new interface via the beta site and send us your feedback.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that any work you do on the beta site will no longer be available as of December 21st when the new interface launches.  

So until then, continue collecting your data, completing training center tests, and creating student programs on the current  platform, and all of this information will be synched to the new interface upon launch on December 21st.

Log in to the Beta Site today!

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