Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Kawana McCloud

Rethink teacher spotlight: Kawana McCloud, Behavior Specialist from Arkansas River Co-OPPosition: Behavior Specialist
Co-OP: Arkansas River Co-OP, Arkansas

Kawana McCloud, a Behavior Specialist from Arkansas, has been a passionate Rethink advocate since it was implemented across her district last year. At the time, Kawana was tasked with developing a systematic behavioral program, a common but challenging goal that many districts and CO-Ops face.

When Kawana is in the classroom she lives by the saying, “each moment in education is valuable, especially special education.” As the only Early Childhood Behavior Specialist in her program, Kawawa was looking for resources that would allow her to leverage her time and efforts most effectively, while providing the flexibility to manage her program from any location.

The systematic behavior program that Kawana created was enriched when Rethink was used to help:

  • Create behavior plans
  • Track and measure progress
  • Develop goals and objectives
  • Collect data
  • Develop student profiles
  • Assess students progress
  • Monitor teacher and student progress
  • Analyze effectiveness of program implementation and interventions

“Rethink has provided flexibility and allows me to manage my program from any location. The ease of use allows for better use of my time and aids in the productivity.”

ARESC’s Early Childhood division is now in the process of having Itinerant teachers incorporate Rethink into their Individualized Education Program (IEP) process and paraprofessionals are in training, so goals can be personalized based on student data. Beyond the day-to-day collection of data and use of curriculum resources, Rethink’s one-on-one training, online webinars and ongoing support have helped show the teachers and parents that Kawana is tracking and measuring the student’s progress towards their goals.

“Rethink is no longer a resource to my behavior program; it is an essential element that contributes to its productivity. Whether you work in general education or special education, Rethink is a program that will maximize the success of any educational organization/establishment.”

Rethink teacher spotlight: Arkansas River Co-OPKawana experienced many of the same challenges and opportunities that other educators face daily. “Educators and change agents are constantly seeking ways to spend less time with paperwork and tracking devices… and more time actually working with students. Rethink is a well-organized solution that aides in addressing challenges associated with the process of providing quality service to ALL children.”

Keep up the great work, Kawana! Congratulations on being this month’s Spotlight Teacher!

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