Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Melissa Farrell

Melissa Farrell Stamford Public SchoolsMelissa Farrell, a Special Education Teacher from Stamford, Connecticut, has been using Rethink for the past 3 years.  At the time, Melissa’s class was the first classroom within Stamford Public Schools to pilot the implementation of Rethink.

Since the Rethink implementation Mellissa has had all of the paraprofessionals within her classroom successfully complete the training center modules.  Currently, Melissa has program binders for each of her students.  Within each binder are the printed out lesson plans and data sheets.  One area of Rethink that has helped Melissa the most is the progress reporting section.  This has been the most useful during report card and IEP time as she is able to run reports to print out or show in a PowerPoint.

Rethink has really helped Melissa to better organize, monitor and track all of her students’ data. Melissa acknowledges that the assessments and lesson libraries have further supported her with ability to develop appropriate IEP goals for her students.

“In the beginning it may seem like it will take a lot of time to use, but as you become more familiar you save a lot of time and makes you much more organized in the long run!”

Rethink has helped develop IEP goals for Stamford Public School studentsPrior to using Rethink, Melissa found it challenging to keep track of all the paperwork and data for each student. Rethink has decreased the amount of paperwork she accumulates and has made it easier for her to track her student’s progress more efficiently.  Melissa feels as though Rethink has helped her to be a more effective teacher.

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