Helpful Hints & Super Strategies: End of Year Prep

Wouldn’t it be great to have a fully up to date account for your new student next year so you can see what’s’ been done before and start teaching and collecting data immediately?

Did you know that you could prep your students Rethink account at the end of the year to help the teacher who will have your student in the next grade?

Follow these super easy steps for preparing your students account for their next grade and their ongoing success…

Tips to Prep Your Students Rethink Account for Next Year

1. Complete Assessments: Make sure your student skills assessment is up to date, so that lesson recommendations are current for the new teacher

student skill assessment

2. Update IEP Goals: Make sure that all the skills/lessons from the students’ current IEP are entered into the students learning plan.  This will help the new teacher to get started.

3. Keep working and helping together: Use the “future plan” feature to add new goals and objectives to the student plan without interfering with your current plan and data collection. (See enclosed document for directions). This allows all new skills to be entered to help the new teacher but allows you to continue your current programming through the end of the year.

Create "future plans" to add new goals and objectives to a the student plan

As we conclude another school year we encourage you to follow these steps.  Make the effort to prepare your students account for their next grade and their ongoing success…

Have a great and safe summer!

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